The company mostbet rates are presented in a large assortment. All of them, as in other offices are divided into two large categories:

  • Line;
  • Bets in Live mode.

Betting in BK differ from each other not only modes, but also the type. You can make the following types of bets:

  1. Single – single bet on a single sporting event.
  2. Express – a bet consisting of several events.

BK it is good as a vast painting of each event. So, for a major football match, the events are painted on average from 300 to 400.

The game is quite comfortable, as the margin of the office is relatively small. For different game modes it is:

  • Six percent for the line;
  • Eleven percent for Live.

Players can choose from more than 1000 events every day. In addition to the basic parameters, such as the score, the betters have access to the full statistics necessary for the analysis of the game. Some events are broadcast. They are indicated by a special icon.

BK does not offer bets on non-sports events. You can’t bet on the outcome of a movie, a TV show, or the weather.

Mostbet Game Modes

This brings sports betting in mostbet to a new, professional level. However, the company gives its players access to eSports betting. It is also available to broadcast matches.

In total, more than fifteen sports are available on the site.

The minimum bet amount is set at 0.1$ During the game, you can meet the restrictions that the site puts in front of players. The basis of these limitations is speculative play, which includes elements such as:

  • Forks;
  • Corridors.

After being caught in such activities, the company has the right to cut the maximum bet for the player, or freeze his account.

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